Our Financial Policy


To serve as an institution representing the life of birecik trade with the Authority granted by law to him, covering the areas of trade and investment in the district. By providing solutions to short-and long-term problems, to facilitate and improve the commercial activities of the members. It is to make efforts for the city to be attractive in terms of trade and investments and to be a city with high competitiveness and quality of life.


By providing a member-oriented, modern and facilitating service approach, our district is to be a professional chamber that has the cultural and historical values of the city, together with high quality of life, and is focused on employment and working for its investors by leading the development of its commercial life.


Within the framework of the law and regulation of establishment, our Chamber has a quality policy aimed at providing citizen-oriented service and tries to serve the satisfaction of its member in the foreground. To provide quality service that satisfies the needs and expectations of our customers, as well as the importance we attach to meeting the legal requirements when serving our members. To protect the interests of our members by keeping public interest in the foreground. Provide efficient, fast and high quality service . To ensure the integration of rooms and members by establishing healthy communication with our members . To encourage entrepreneurship . To support sustainable growth in all sectors with respect to the environment

In order to achieve our goal, to improve our quality level in line with developing technology and member expectations, ISO 9001 Quality System Requirements will be essential in all the activities of the departments. Our policies and objectives determined in this direction are binding and require employees in all units to work in accordance with the requirements of our standard and quality system. The requirements to be followed in performing room activities are described in the quality manual and the related procedures. All employees of the room are responsible for implementing and improving the requirements described in the quality manual and procedures.

Our Corporate Values

* Member-oriented and participatory

Can serve equally and impartially.

* Team work and labor-intensive

* Innovative, open to development and conscious of Social Responsibility

* Reliable and focused on corporate


Our chamber will realize its financial opportunities according to the principle of equal budget as soon as it comes. First of all, it will make all current and in-kind expenditures in order to improve the business of its members and to contribute to the economic and social life of our district and to produce strong trade and Industry policies.

Within a risk-based understanding of financial management, it will follow an open and transparent policy and implement participation and accountability as a principle.


Our employment policy, which we started with a fair and equitable recruitment process, will be developed by organizing trainings and activities that will contribute to the continuous development of our employees, with the requests and demands of our personnel, and which provide one-to-one participation in management processes. We will dominate the management of a modern staff that rewards superior performance with the awareness that employees are the primary element in the satisfaction of the members.


· Our chamber will reach the internal, external stakeholders and the public by using and managing all the communication and communication facilities that technological opportunities offer effectively.

· All the data, information, opinions and policies related to regional development, including information related to the commercial and economic life of our district will ensure the realization of,

· In communication and communication activities, we will reach our target audience with technological opportunities by acting on ethical, understandable, honest and accountable principle.


· In our room we will establish a risk-based information security management regarding the up-to-date, confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the institution.

* We will follow the emerging technologies and implement the enterprise.

· We will develop an information management system, including information communication devices, appropriate software and hardware, and their emergency plans and risk analysis.

Our policy to address Member relationships and complaints

The reason for the existence of our members as a room;

· We will organize all kinds of activities aimed at increasing corporate, cultural and personal developments in the workplace.

· We will act with a participatory and transparent management approach in which all stakeholders, including our members, are active.

· To meet the needs and expectations of the members, we will establish an effective complaint, suggestion and satisfaction system and enable the members to increase their satisfaction and contribute to the institutional development of our room.

· Tobb accreditation system and ISO 9001 Quality Management System guided by all the necessary business and economic opportunities and support for our members by searching, the benefit of the members and added value to the district will provide.