General Secretary

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1 – The Secretary General is the head of discipline and record of the Chamber staff.
2 – The Secretary General shall arrange the Minutes of the meetings of the Assembly and the Board of Directors.
3 – arranges and manages the work of writing with the internal work of the room.
4 – gives room personnel the necessary orders and instructions and supervises their work.
5 – The Secretary General may delegate some of its duties and powers, including the authority to spend with the permission of the Board of Directors, to its assistants to be re-appointed at the beginning of each activity year.
The Board of Directors shall be elected by the Board of Directors.
7 – prepare the agenda of the meetings of the organ, meeting invitations and agenda to be sent to the members at the time allows, organizes the records belonging to this meeting, decision summaries and the attendance list of the meeting schedules and the amount of the organ maintains the decision to continue their book, decision summaries for meetings and shall maintain records of electronic devices made with. 8 – on the condition that it does not vote, it participates in the meetings of the Assembly and the Board of Directors.
9 – follow and conclude decisions taken by the organs and ensure timely implementation of decisions.
10 – The Board of Directors makes suggestions on hiring, raising, rewarding, punishing and ending the work of the room personnel.
11 – resin presents the expenditures to the approval of the Board of directors and informs the Board of Directors about the Weekly expenditures.
12 – prepares the monthly setup and transfer demands, prepares the preparation budget income table, final setup and final calculation and presents them to the Board of Directors.
13 – arranges and calculates the inventory and the inventory records and keeps the archive materials.
14 – manages the publishing business.
15 – the Chamber prepares the draft of the internal directive and presents it to the Board of Directors.
16 – the activities related to keeping, updating and deleting the member records are carried out within the framework of the legislation and the related organ decisions.
17 room with the other tasks that came with the transaction rules regulations and other legislation in accordance with the legislation of the Assembly, the Board of Directors or by the Chairman of the Board of Directors does assigned tasks.
18 – The Union of chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey and the Union of chambers and commodity exchanges Act No. 5174 carries out the presidency of the purchasing Commission and approves the decisions taken by the Commission.
19.The Secretary – General shall be authorized to sign on matters concerning the execution of decisions taken by the Chamber bodies in correspondence with official authorities or real and legal persons which do not oblige the Chamber. the absence of one of the assistants or the assistants of the Secretary General, one of the head of the unit shall represent the Secretary General with the approval of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.